Thanks for stopping by and your interest in my photography! As a dedicated New York wedding photographer and destination wedding photographer, I take great pleasure in delivering natural, candid, and fresh wedding photos and videos. The thing that makes my photos and videos different from others’ is the “natural factor”. The candid photographs that I capture show not only how your wedding looks, but also how it feels to be there.

I’m a big believer in that having your picture taken should be a fun and relaxing experience- not just someone behind the camera clicking a button. I love being able to tell your story as a photographer.

My goal as an artist is to craft photographs that are a timeless, creative and a genuine portrayal of your wedding, portrait, or celebration as it unfolds. In my photos, I want to reflect your personality, show you as you are - authentic, because that is what gives our photos character and something certain.

"Anyone can take a picture. A person with a passion sees the picture before it's taken." 

 I hope to meet you soon and provide you with memorable photographs that showcase my passion.

Colin & Christiana Chicago elopement



“Couldn't have had a better photographer capture our special day. Steven was beyond professional and has an eye that captures perfection..”